portada o sabor da aventura está no mar

Os Arroases (The Dolphins)

O sabor da aventura está no mar

The Dolphins are a gang of 7 boys and girls who know all about the importance of eating fish. Each has a “superpower” linked to each of the species that will be distributed in the schools as part of this campaign (sardine, horse mackerel, turbot, mussel, trout, blue whiting, hake).

The Dolphins have long noticed that other children don’t like fish and are going to make that change. They can share their superpowers between them! That’s why they’ve got in touch with a fisherman, Luis, and a chef, Mrs. Mariña.

With their help, they will complete the important mission of getting their message to all schools. The end of the adventure takes place right there, in schools!

The virtual harbour
Download this amazing interactive tool that you can use
to discover and learn about the secrets of a harbour
while playing.